The Bonnie Bluebells Girls Pipe Band

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"Famous Ladies Pipe Band"
Taken from a postcard in the late 1930s.
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The Bonnie Bluebells
For many years, there was a girls' pipe band in Saskatoon. Old postcards exist of the "Saskatoon Girls Pipe Band" from before WWII, and in the 1960s the "Bonnie Bluebells" band was formed, and they were active until the 1980s. Many current members of the NSR and Saskatoon Police bands were once members of the Bluebells.
Photo: Chris Rae
The Bonnie Bluebells

Back: Elaine Pepper, Donna Fraser, Myrna Murray, Wendy McDermid, Kendra Petty, Trudy Barrett, Georgina Petty

Centre: Sonia Ford, Pam Rouse, Heather McIntosh, Brenda Clark, Isabel Clubb, Margaret McIntosh, Lynda Lyon, Sharon Ludlow

Front: Bev Will, Brenda Murray, Heather Gray, Terry Martens, Kathy Meyers, Linda West, Laverne Dunn, Rose Martens

The photo was taken in the spring of 1967 at the Legion in downtown Saskatoon.
Photo: Chris Rae; names provided by Sharon Ludlow.

 1965 Star-Phoenix Article - Part 1
clipping: courtesy Donna & Gordon Findlater
 1965 Star-Phoenix Article - Part 2
clipping: courtesy Donna & Gordon Findlater
The Bonnie Bluebells
Here the Bluebells are playing for the opening of Gardiner Dam, one of the province's big Centennial projects in 1967. All Saskatchewan school children were issued with a commemorative coin, so it was a big deal in those days.
Photo: Chris Rae

At the Moose Jaw International Band Festival- MAY 1968
BACK AND MIDDLE ROW (left to right):

Gena Petty, __________, Glenys Stambuck, _________, Judy Mitchell (hatand nose visible), Kendra Petty, ___________, ____________, Isabel Clubb,

Lynda Lyon (a total of 10 pipers).

__________, Bev Will, _________Frances Meyers, ___________,__________, ____________ (a total of 7 drummers).

Photo courtesy of: Isabel [Clubb] Ward

 Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival
Left to right: Lynda Lyon, Glenys Stambuck, Isabel Clubb, Judy Mitchell,Gena Petty (5 pipers).
These are professional photos taken by Firestone Photographs in Columbus,Ohio (stamped on back of both photos)
Photo courtesy of: Isabel [Clubb] Ward

Back Row (L-R): Dawn Rutherford, Valerie Gray, Joanne Bocking, Susan
Thacker, Sandy Thacker
Middle Row (L-R): Maureen O'Neill, Jill Hodgkinson, Lorraine Jungwirth,
Brenda Williams
Fron Row (L-R): Eleanor Gray, Sandra Castle, Patricia Thacker, Terri Poole

Large photo

[Photo: Terri Olver]


Bluebells in 1980
Back Row (L-R): Terri Poole, Carrie Murdoff, Lisa Haatvedt, Jill Binder,
Gale Russell, Carla Spratt, Susan Mowat, Sandy Castle
Front Row (L-R): Cori Spratt, Sandy Thacker, Sheila Slater, Joanne
Jungwirth, Glenda Hiebert, Margot de la Gorgendiere, Sandra Jungwirth,
Maureen O'Neill, Lorraine Jungwirth

Large photo

[Photo: Terri Olver]

In this picture, L-R, Eleanor Gray (not in uniform), Terri Poole (Bonnie
Bluebells), Linda Lee (Sprigs O'Heather). This was taken for the MJ Times Herald in
1974 at the Moose Jaw (indoor) competition that was held in early spring.

Large photo

[Photo: Terri Olver]


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