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 Regina Boys' Kiltie Band

This old Leader-Post newspaper clipping was sent in by Ward Faulkner, a long-time student of PM Neil Sutherland.
This describes a trip to the US by the Regina band to help promote the Regina Grain Show.

The Regina Boys Pipe Band in the 1930s.
This photo would start a tradition in the band of having offical photos
taken on the steps of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

 Regina Boys' Pipe Band

This photo of an old Leader-Post newspaper clipping was sent in by Bill Pritchard, former pipe major of Edmonton & District [then Big Rock] Grade 3 band. Bill was the first P-M of the Regina Boys' Pipe Band, now known as the Fraser Pipe Band. The band had this picture taken the first time they appeared in uniform. Many pictured are not piping [that we know of]. Doug Lutz plays for a Legion band in New Brunswick, Bill Pritchard is in Nova Scotia, and Joanne Urquhart (now Bandur) was P-M of the Regina Police Service Pipe Band, and has since had a daughter play in and then teach the Fraser Pipe Band.

The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band
at the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival, 1968.
Back row (L-R): Doug Lutz, Rod Sim, Jeff Sim, Brian Wood, Larry Garth, Bill Pritchard (P/M).
Middle row (L-R): Janice Pritchard, Iain MacDonald, Dale McDermott, John Donnelly, Joanne Urquhart.
Front row (L-R): Dave Deck, Bruce Lutz (L/D), Hugh Eberhardt, Trevor Ewan, Tom Jones, Brian Alquhist, Allan Ireland.
  Leader-Post article 1969

Back row, L-R: P/M Bill Pritchard, Larry Garth, Trevor Ewan (bass), Rod Sim, P/Sgt. Doug Lutz, Iain MacDonald
Front row: D/Cpl. Brian Alquhist, Dave Dech, Janice Pritchard, Joanne Urquhart, D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Alan Ireland

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  Leader-Post article, July 1969

The band took a trip to the Selkirk Highland Games. Travelling in an un-airconditioned bus, the band
stopped for lunch at Virden, MB on the way. Temperatures reached 100°F on the way, and when the
band reached Selkirk, we slept in the hockey rink [boys] and a local church hall [girls].

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  The Fraser Pipe Band
Saskatchewan Legislature, 1970

Back row, L-R: P/M Doug Lutz, Ric Clemence, Iain MacDonald, P/Sgt. Rod Sim
2nd row: Louise Durnford, Laurie Dunn, Trevor Ewan (bass), Joanne Urquhart, Bonnie Durnford
3rd row: Pat Rappel, Dave Dech, Trevor Ewan (bass), D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Larry Dunn
Front row: Kay Tweedle, Doug Nixon, Dale Mcdermott, Allan Ireland

Moose Jaw Band Festival, 1970
Doug Lutz [L], Dale McDermitt [back], Iain MacDonald [front] and Rod Sim.
Fraser Pipe Band parents' night
First Presbyterian Church

Front row, L-R: Betty Anne McDougall, Carmel Anderson, Instructor Andy McAnsh
Bass drummer is Ric Clemence, right in front is Brenda Brough, Tenor drummer Diane Gemmel.

The Fraser Pipe Band
 This photo was taken at the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Front L-R: Kay Tweedle, Doug Nixon, Mrs, Georgina Fraser [Band Patron], Dale Mcdermit, Alan Ireland
Middle Row L-R: Mr. Cline [Executive], Pat Rappel, Dave Dech, Trevor Ewan, D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Larry Dunn
3rd Row L-R: Cliff Durnford [Exec.], Louise Durnford, Lorie Dunn, Joanne Urquhart, Bonnie Durnford
4th Row: Fred and Enid Sim, P/M Doug Lutz, Ric Clemence, Iain MacDonald, Rod Sim, Gerry Dunn
Back row [parents]: Fred & Betty Urquhart, Betty Ann Lutz, Helen MacDonald, Betty King, Melita Clemence
[Thanks to Joanne (Urquhart) Bandur for filling in the blanks!]

The Fraser Pipe Band
 This photo was taken at the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Front L-R: Rod Sim [bass drone], Doug Nixon, Joanne Urquhart, Iain MacDonald.
Graham Neill is the wee blonde guy in the 2nd row.

Article from March 1972 Piping Times

This article was written by band member Iain MacDonald, and was published in the Piping Times in 1972.
[Image courtesy: The Piping Times]
Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival

Back Row: Alan Stobbs, Ken Clemence, Brenda Brough, Mary Ann Houston, Cathy Clemence, Joanne Urquhart, P/Sgt. Doug Nixon
Middle Row: P/M Iain MacDonald, Betty Anne McDougall, Rod MacDonald, Bruce Black, Sandy Smith, Dianne Gemmel
Front row:Sharon Stobbs, Beth England, Arlene Clemence, Ric Clemence, D/Sgt Bruce Lutz, Fergus MacMillan, Jamie Aitken
Canadian Pipe Band Champioships

Back Row: P/Sgt. Doug Nixon, Jamie Aitken, Betty Anne McDougall,Mary Ann Houston, Rob Stobbs
Front row: P/M Iain MacDonald, Sandy Smith, Sharon Stobbs, Dianne Gemmel, Graham Neill,
Rob Houston, Barbara McDougall, D/Sgt Bruce Lutz

The PPBA held a championship in the spring to choose a Saskatchewan representative, and
the Fraser Pipe Band won. The band travelled to Ottawa, where it placed 3rd in the Canadian and 5th on the Open Grade 3 Championship against the best bands from every province in Canada.
The band also performed in a large tattoo.
Leader-Post clipping | Large photo

Selkirk Highland Games

L-R: Iain MacDonald, Bruce Black, Bruce Lutz, Rob Stobbs, Jamie Aitken, Mary Ann Houston, Jim Watt, Doug Nixon
Front: Diane Gemmel, Sharon Stobbs, Barbara McDougall, Ric Clemence [kneeling],
Rob Houston, Tim Coffey, Graham Neill

Leader-Post clipping

LeaderPost story about Mrs. Fraser- June 1976
Mrs. Georgina Fraser came to Canada from Scotland to farm, and she instrumental
in reforming the band in the 1960s. By this time, she was retired in Regina, and
for many years she played an active role, including as band patron.
She purchased 15 sets of R.G. Hardie silver and ivory bagpipes for the band, and
new drums and other equipment.

large photo | full news story

Scotland Fundraising - December 1978
Barbara McDougall and Tim Coffey pipe during part of Fraser's 24-hour pipe-a-thon
to raise money for the 1979 Scotland trip. The band played for 24-hours in shifts
at Darke Hall in Regina.
From the Yorkton paper - 1979
Barbara McDougall pipes for Provincial Curling Championship.
From the Yorkton paper - 1979
Barbara McDougall and Cathy Felstrom pipe for Provincial Curling Championship.
Fraser Pipe Band at Regina City Hall - 1979
This was the year that the band travelled to Scotland. P/M was Barbara McDougall,
P/Sgt Cathy Clemence and D/Sgt Jamie Aitken.
Fraser Pipe Band at Saskatchewan Legislature (1983)
Band Director Iain MacCrimmon back row left.

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