The Sprigs O' Heather Girls Pipe Band
Moose Jaw

You can view a booklet produced by the band to celelbrate its 25th anniversary in 1981. It includes a list of committee members, pipe majors, drum majors, instructors and details about performances, awards and travel.

Click on the image to see the complete booklet.

Thanks to Terry [McNamee] McDougall for supplying it.


These are the first members who went to Regina to play at CKCK.
L-R: Sheila Scott, Donna Rainey, Norrie Shephard, Shirly McDonald, Irene Scott, Alice Matheson, Betty Prentice.

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The band's first official photo in 1957. P-M Sheila Scott.

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 Sprigs O' Heather Girls Pipe Band

Late 1960s
This picture of the Sprigs was taken in the late 60s and was given to piping instructor Jack Kerwin when he left Moose Jaw. Jack was involved in the old Prairie Pipe Band Association, and now lives in Nova Scotia. He was kind enough to e-mail this photo for use on the site.
The young women who signed the photo were:
Linda Lee, Sandy Meikle, Linda Cameron, Jane Binda, Tracey Poole, Mary-Gaye Bastido,

Colleen Watson, Marlene Mrourinski, Brenda Buchanan, Donna Dawson, Sandra McKenzie,

Jennifer King, Marlee Mitchell, Cathy Wilson, Jane Dobrenu, Cheryl Mitchell, Leslie Fysh,

Nancy Merikle, Darlene Peterman, Anita Peterman, Maureen Steel, Connie Crosby, Rorena Resch

  Sprigs O' Heather Girls Pipe Band - 1961
This picture of the Sprigs was taken in 1961. Photo: Dick Gibson.
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  Sprigs O' Heather Girls Pipe Band - 1970s
This picture of the Sprigs was taken sometime in the 1970s in Crescent Park, Moose Jaw.
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Photo: Dick Gibson.

The Sprigs O' Heather Girls Pipe Band
This photo was taken in the early 1980s during the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival. The Sprigs are no longer in existence, but were one of Saskatchewan's best-known pipe bands for a number of years. The band travelled to Ontario and the Maritimes to compete, and to Scotland. The band wore the Dress MacDonald tartan.
Outdoor Mural in Moose Jaw
Following the disbandment of the Sprigs in the 1980s, the organization changed to become "The Heather Highlanders" for a few years, and some of the "old" Sprigs came back to play, along with others. This band never really got off the ground, but the executive contributed a sum of money toward purchasing an outdoor mural in Moose Jaw to commemorate the pipe band.

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