Moose Jaw Highland Games
Wild Animal Park, 1953

File at left, front to back: Dick Gibson, Bob Doul, Andy McAnsh, Everet Andrews, Ron Nicolson; || 2nd file: Reid Andrews, Jim McWilliams || Middle: D/M Bill Rohead, Bass drummer Wayne Greentree || 3rd file: Bill Spence, Bob Amiss, ? || Right: Reg. Frizzelle, Ken Cairney, George Crawford, Lyle Andrews

  Moose Jaw Pipe Band
City Hall Gardens, 1953
 The St. Andrew's Boys Band
Probably the late1950s.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson
HM Queen Elizabeth II

visits Moose Jaw in the 1950s
The St. Andrew's Boys Pipe Band is out to greet the young queen in Moose Jaw,
and piper Jim McWilliams begins his band career with a Royal performance!
Photo: courtesy Jim McWilliams

 Burns Night
The St. Andrew's Boys Pipe Band serves up haggis to the brave, 1952.
The pipers are Dick Gibson and Reg. Frizzell, with swordbearers Roland Binner and Garth Woodrow.
Ian McSporran carries the haggis.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson
 The White Hackle

At this time, the band was partly sponsored by the Moose Jaw Optimist Club.
Photo: courtesy Jim McWilliams

 The White Hackle
The band travelled widely in the 1980s, attending the Expo in Sydney, Australia and the one in Vancouver. They also travelled to Scotland, and to various locations in the USA. The small drummer at right is Ryan Sullivan (Alberta Caledonia) and the tall drummer beside him is ex-L/D for Alberta Caledonia, Tim Boan.
 The White Hackle Pipe Band Drum Corps

Saskatchewan Grade 3 Champions, 1996
(L-R) Kenna Whelan, Sunil Pandila, Mark Benson, Dan McDougall (L/D),

Andy Kopciuck, Arvid Nash, Joyce Nash.

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