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North Saskatchewan Regiment

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band
The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band
The 2nd NSR [Kindersley]
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The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - May 1947
Photo: Don McDonald

The North Saskatchewan Regiment, formerly the SLI has a long history in Saskatchewan,
most of it directed by two members of one family, Pipe Major Hugh Fraser,
and his younger brother Don McDonald.

The Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry were formed in 1942 by Pipe Major Duncan Campbell at the request of the late Lt. Col. A. McNeil, Commanding Officer of the Second S.L.I. The Second S.L.I. were disbanded on the return of the First Battalion from overseas service in 1945 but the Pipes and Drums were adopted as the Band of the unit.

Although the Pipes and Drums were retained by the Saskatoon Light INfantry, they were not officially part of the unit. The pipers and drummers were machine gunners, or carrier drivers who performed their band parades in addition to their regimental duties. It was not until 1955 that the Pipes and Drums became an officially authorized part of the unit establishment. [From the SLI web site]

 HLI 1951

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - October 1951
Photo: Don McDonald

sasakatoon games1960

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - 1960

Competing at the Saskatoon Highland Games.
Photo: NSR web site

hugh games

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - 1960

Pipe-Major Hugh Fraser, M.M.M., CD gives words of wisdom to Bill Remenda. Bill's Mom Jean Remenda was well known as a Highland dancer, dance teacher and adjudicator, and for many years worked at Tartantown in Coquitlam, BC. 
Photo: NSR web site


The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1974

The NSR and the 10th Field Regiment bands travelled to Berne, Switzerland to perform at the Air Canada Silver Broom, The World Curling Championships.
Photo: NSR web site

colours 1975

The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1975

Presentation of new colours.
Photo: NSR web site


The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1978

Photo: NSR web site

 hugh don

Don McDonald (L) and
Hugh Fraser (R)
Don and Hugh were half brothers, and for half a century made piping and drumming a reality in Saskatoon. Pipe Major Hugh Fraser was a decorated veteran of World War II, and was responsible for many great piping ventures in Saskatoon and area, and always a keen participant in piping workshops, committees and associations. Hugh passed away in Fall 2000. Don continues his good work of many years, and is currently P/M of the North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipes & Drums. Hugh's family have all been keen performers and organizers also, and continue his legacy through teaching and performance.


The North Saskatchewan Regiment
at Saskatoon's Folkfest in 2001
Photo: NSR web site

The North Saskatchewan Regiment had its beginnings during the Northwest Rebellion, 1885. The Saskatoon Light Infantry was active in its mobilization for World War I. Later the Regiment saw action again, during World War II.

During the Cold War: c. 1963 - 1969; the Saskatoon Light Infantry was renamed: 'The North Saskatchewan Regiment' of which there were two battalions.

The 1NSaskR was stationed in North Battleford, the 2NSaskR was head-quartered in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. There was "C" Company 2NSaskR stationed at Kindersley. Today, the Regiment is known as the North Saskatchewan Regiment.

1920.10.01 The North Saskatchewan Regiment
formed with HQ at Saskatoon, Sask., by amalgamation of 52nd Regiment Prince Albert Volunteers, and 105th Regiment (Saskatoon Fusiliers), originally in four bns, and reorganised 10.10.1920 in eight bns (four active and four reserve):
1st Battalion at Saskatoon, formed by redesignation of 105th Regiment (Saskatoon Fusiliers),
and perpetuating 5th Battalion CEF
2nd Battalion at Prince Albert, formed by redesignation of 52nd Regiment Prince Albert
Volunteers, and perpetuating 53rd Battalion CEF
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion
5th Battalion, perpetuating 65th Battalion CEF.
6th Battalion
7th Battalion
8th Battalion.

1924.05.15 broken up to form The Saskatoon Light Infantry [1st and 5th Bns],The Prince Albert Volunteers [2nd and 6th Bns], The Battleford Light Infantry, and The Yorkton Regiment


1955.02.15 The North Saskatchewan Regiment (M.G.)
formed with HQ at Saskatoon by union of The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers and The Saskatoon Light Infantry
1st Bn, NSR (The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers)
formed by redesignation of The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
2nd Bn, NSR (The Saskatoon Light Infantry)
formed by redesignation of The Saskatoon Light Infantry

1958.04.11 The North Saskatchewan Regiment
1970.09.01 1st Bn and 2nd Bn amalgamated

[Information courtesy of NSR web sire]

2ndNSRPipe Band 

The 2nd North Saskatchewan Regiment - about 1962
Kindersley, SK

In the picture, on the left is Pipe Major Stuart Kolbinson, on the right is Eldon Johnson and behind him, Vic Rea.
Read Stuart's history of the band. [PDF]

Photo: Valla Eriksson [daughter of Stuart Kolbinson]

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