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Saskatoon Caledonian Pipe Band

 lh 4144 web

Caledonian Pipe Band of Saskatoon - 1913

Posing in full Scottish regalia on steps of a brick building. Date on back of Postcard. Card is "from Bob Arnet's collection."

Photo credit: LH-4144 by Free and Rea
Saskatoon Public Library - Local History

 lh 5190 web

Pipe Major J.S Mitchell, Jimmy Briggs, Bill Murdoch, Art Nairn, Andy Mackintosh, H. Foster, Dave Stewart, Jim Dearie, T. Smith, Bill White, Jim McDonald, Basil Millar, Walter Berry, J. Robb, ---, J. Birch, Reg Carry. 

Photo credit: LH-5190 by Free and Rea
Saskatoon Public Library - Local History

Saskatchewan Summer School


History of the SPBA Summer School

In the mid-1960s a well-known piper from Moose Jaw started a small school of piping and drumming in Moose Jaw. Jim McWilliams had trained as a piper in the Canadian army, and had an appreciation for the benefits of piping schools, and with the help of Hugh Scott of Moose Jaw, set about starting a small summer program.

At about the same time, the Government of Saskatchewan had decided to turn the old Tuberculosis Sanatorium—Fort San— in the Qu’Appelle Valley into a summer school of the arts. In 1967, The Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts had its first piping and drumming session at the new facility, and it was a great hit.

In the years that followed, a lot of work was done to ensure that local students would receive a rounded education in piping and drumming. The school set up a series of certificate exams based on the requirements of the famous Army School of Piping in Edinburgh, and these certificate levels stood as the basis of instruction for many years at the school.

For the school’s second year, Pipe Major Donald MacLeod was hired. This was the beginning of a long-term relationship with one of the century’s greatest all-round pipers. Donald MacLeod was a legend in his own time. He was a decorated veteran of the war, a multiple winner of every prize offered, a gifted composer of both light music and piobaireachd, and the owner of Grainger and Campbell, one of Scotland’s premier bagpipe makers at the time. It also turned out that he was an inspiring teacher, a recitalist without equal, and a charming, gentle man who related well to everyone he met. Donald MacLeod taught at the school from 1968 to about 1980, and he died suddenly in 1982.           
For many years, the school’s primary instructor was ex-Shotts lead drummer and Canadian Forces drumming instructor, MWO John Kerr. John Kerr influenced many leading drummers, and he was instrumental in converting prairie drummers to written scores, from the old-fashioned method of “try to play what I do." John was extremely forceful in his views that drummers should be “musicians first,” and his direction at the school helped to formulate many of our best musicians on drums.

In the mid-1980s, the Government of Saskatchewan responded to budget pressures by cutting a number of programs and services in the province, including arts subsidies and maintenance of the Fort San facility. The arts community scattered to find other venues for the school, and for a couple of years the Piping and Drumming School was held in Saskatoon. The school operated in Saskatoon for a couple of years with mostly local instructors, and then stopped operations for about three years.

In 1994, the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association decided to re-establish a summer school program, and had several successful sessions in its current location in Regina. Following 2002, the instructional program was completely redesigned to meet the needs of SPBA members and bands, and also to incorporate more fully modern instructional methods and Institute of Piping curriculum.

fort san 67 

Fort San, August 17, 1967
L-R: Hugh Scott (MJ), school administrator;
Andy McAnsh, Bill MacLeod, Jim McWilliams, Angus Spence

L-R: Andy McAnsh, Jim McWilliams, John MacLellan, Angus Spence
In 1967, the school was held at the Fort San facility for the first time. 
Capt. John A. MacLellan was a visitor to the camp for a couple of days. 
In those days, the school was 14 days long, and the Capt. was there long enough to play a recital, 
teach some tunes, and have a visit with instructors.
 school 1968 lg

The Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, 1968
Piping Instructors: James L. McWilliams (back row, left); Angus Spence (back row, far right); 
P/M Wm. MacLeod (middle row, 2nd from right); P/M Donald MacLeod (front row, far right).
Drumming Instructors: Geordie Pryde (middle row, far left); Irene Scott (front row, far left).
School Administrator: Hugh Scott (middle row, far left)Click for larger view.

1979 InstructorsBack Row, L-R: Tom McGurk, Tommy Thompson, Don Mitchell, Jimmy MacGregor, Rob Rife, Barry Robinson 
Front, L-R: John Kerr, John Kellet, Blair Brown, Dave Neil, Willie MacLeod, Hugh Sutherland 
[Photo: Blair Brown]

 1970 school

The 1970 Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts
[photo: Lorne Adams]

Instructors include the famous Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, MBE 
and Geordie Pryde, a former member of the Edinburgh Police and the L/D of the well-known Powell River Pipe Band.

 1971 school

The 1971 Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts
[photo and program: Lorne Adams]

There are some pretty well-known faces from the piping world in this photo. 
See if you can find Jack Lee, Jamie Troy, Sr. and John Fisher.

Here is the program from the final concert: page 1 | page 2 | page 3
 instructors 1972
 Pipe and Drum Instructors - Fort San, SK 1972
(L-R) P/M Donald MacLeod, MBE; Jeff McMurdo, Barry McMurdo, Fred MacLeod, Doug Lutz, Barry Robinson, 
Jimmy Catherwood, Randy McNichol, Rod Sim, Andy McAnsh, Bill MacLeod, Jim McWilliams, Irene Scott.
 school lg

The Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, 1974
In this photo are P/M Donald MacLeod, MBE and the well-known Shotts drummer Bert Barr. Also here are John Fisher (L/D of City of Victoria/member of Shotts corps, and well-known drummer and instructor; Garth Neel, winner of the Marches at Inverness in the 1970s; Dave Hennigan, member of City of Victoria Pipe Band; Iain MacDonald, member of Babcock-Renfrew PB and SFU Pipe Band, now City of Regina PB; Roland Reid, member of McNish Distillery corps under John Kerr, later won the Worlds with SFU; Jimmy Walker, member and later L/D of Dysart & Dundonald; Graham Neill, P/M of Edmonton Caledonian; Dave McNicholl, originally from Winnipeg, was the first L/D of City of Victoria PB; Barbara (McDougall) MacDonald, member of SFU Pipe Band, now CRPB.


Pipe and Drum Instructors - Fort San, SK 1975
[Photo: Hugh Fraser]
(L-R) P/M Donald MacLeod, MBE; James L. McWilliams, Hugh Fraser, Jr., Ken Ramsay, Barry Robinson, Bruce Lutz,
Sheriff Sandy MacPherson (Glasgow); Andy McAnsh; P/M Alex Cupples, P/M William MacLeod

instructors 1976
Pipe and Drum Instructors - Fort San, SK 1976
[Photo: Hugh Fraser]
(L-R) P-M Donald MacLeod, MBE; P-M William MacLeod; P-M Alex Cupples; Bruce MacDonald, Garth Neel; John Kerr; Ken Ramsay; Andy McAnsh; Jim McWilliams, Tommy Thompson

1978 school
[Photo: Blair Brown]

1978 Instructors
Back Row, L-R: Rob Rife, Garth Neel, Blair Brown, John Kellet 
Middle, L-R: Roger Yule, Hugh Sutherland, Dave Neil, Barry Robinson
Front, L-R: Tommy Thompson, John Kerr, Willie MacLeod, Donald Mitchell 
[Photo: Blair Brown]

1979 School
[Photo: Blair Brown]

 1979 Instructors

Back Row, L-R: Tom McGurk, Tommy Thompson, Don Mitchell, Jimmy MacGregor, Rob Rife, Barry Robinson 
Front, L-R: John Kerr, John Kellet, Blair Brown, Dave Neil, Willie MacLeod, Hugh Sutherland 
[Photo: Blair Brown]


1980 School
[Photo: Blair Brown]


1980 Instructors
[Photo: Blair Brown]

[L-R] Blair Brown, John Kerr, Barry Robinson,?, Don Mitchell, Andrea Eresman, Jim McWilliams, Tommy Thompson, Mary Ann Houston, Tim Coffey, P-M Jimmy MacGregor, P-M Willie MacLeod


1981 School
[Photo: Blair Brown]


1981 Instructors

L-R: Blair Brown, George Reid, Gerry Radford, Tommy Thompson, Don Mitchell, Andrea Eresman, Jim McWilliams,
Donald MacLeod, Willie MacLeod, Barry Robinson, Barry McMurdo, Roland Reid
[Photo: Blair Brown]


Weyburn Legion Pipe Band

 WeyburnPipeBand1951 lg
 Weyburn Legion Pipe Band, 1951

Alexandrina Miller of Penticton, BC writes:
Jock Chalmer's original pipe band in Weyburn. He taught many more
players for years. John Abel [BC] is the only one of this group still alive.
William MacDonald is my brother. He was in Cranbrook and Victoria, BC 
pipe bands until his death. 


Victoria Park Pipe Band

In December of 1976, a group of players who had left their junior bands or were dissatisfied with where they were playing, met at the Union Hall in Moose Jaw to form a high-level competition band that they felt was needed in Saskatchewan. Because there was quite an array of players from all over the province, they wanted to give the band a name that portrayed a common thing in each community. It was decided that since every community had a parked named Victoria Park, the band would be aptly title: The Victoria Park Pipe Band.


The first elected P/M of the band was Doug Lutz from Regina and the first elected P/S was Barry Robinson, Bruce Lutz was the first elected D/S. The band was graded Grade 1 by the Praire Pipe Band Association and they played at their first contest five months later.


From 1976-1982, the band was successful in competition but they weren't dominating. They won the Moose Jaw Highland Games every year and also travelled to the Selkirk Highland Games in Manitoba, however, they were really only successful there in 1978 when they won everything available. Victoria Park travelled to Alberta quite often and usually placed very well. During these early years, no major trips were taken by the band.


Because Victoria Park was a newly formed band, they had no uniforms - everyone had their own equipment and uniform. The band did purchase two sets of matched chanters (first Tuck, then Kintail) and a set of Premier snare drums. However, in essence the band had no bank account. To purchase the equipment mentioned, all members chipped in to augment the money won in prizes because there was no sponsor. For band trips, individuals picked up all expenses.


Unfortunately in 1981, there was a meeting held in Saskatoon to decide who was going to be the new Pipe Major. The current P/M, Barry Robinson, announced that he did not wish to serve another term as P/M. There were several people in the band who could have done the job, but no one was interested. As a result, the band folded for a while.


(This came from the VPPB web site, but was incomplete. Anyone want to complete it?)


vic park1987


[L-R] Graham Neill, Craig Waigh, Tim Coffey, Jamie Gattinger, Tim Boan, Darren Chow, Bruce Lutz, Michelle Carline, Rob Waugh, Jim Briggs, Pat Kindrat, Roland Reid, Mark Mackie, Trewin Somers. 

[Photo: Lorraine Mortensen]


Victoria Park Pipe Band - Canmore Games 1999
Photo: Sharon Schmidt

 Tim Coffey (r) helps Fiona Francis with her pipes.

Marching in a parade in Billings, MT.

[Bands L-R] Saskatoon Police, Estevan PPCLI, Regina Police Service, Victoria Park, City of Regina

Performing in the ANAVets Hall in Regina.
Marching off: Regina Highland Games
Regina Highland Games

Nellie Small's Kilted Band

Nellie Small's Kilted Band 
Saskatoon 1930s & 40s 

 SaskatoonLadies lg

Famous Ladies' Pipe Band
I found this postcard in an antique shop in Regina, and I asked P-M Don McDonald and Donna Findlater
about this, and they identified it as Nellie Small's band from the 1930s. The Saskatoon Public Library also has a copy of this postcard, and their web site says that the band sold these card for 15¢ each to raise money for trips. The band did a lot of travelling to the USA and other places.

See large size photo | See back of card

 lh 4034 web

Nellie Small's Kilted Band on trip with delegates from Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina Weyburn and Moose Jaw to El Paso Texas and Juary, Mexico on opening of Highway 85.

Photo credit: LH-4034 by Free and Rea
Saskatoon Public Library - Local History

nellie small saskatoon
As so often happens, we were contacted by a person who saw the archive, and had more material for it.
Thanks to Jill Rowlett of Dallas, TX for providing photos of the band.
Her mother, Isabel Douglas, was a member of the band. Isobel appears 4th from the right above.
Can anyone provide more names? You can click HERE to get a larger size.
nellie small saskatoon2

Isobel Douglas is the top row, 2nd from left. Photo courtesy of her daughter Jill Rowlett.
People interested in the Saskatchewan photos of that era can visit the "Gibson Photo" archive at the Glenbow Museum website, where they have digitized much of the collection.
I could not locate these photos in the Glengow collection. Can anyone provide more names? You can click HERE to get a larger size.

 nellie small saskatoonUSA
In the photo above, Isobel Douglas is in the middle row, 4th in, with a drum.
Can anyone provide more names? You can click HERE to get a larger size.

North Saskatchewan Regiment

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band
The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band
The 2nd NSR [Kindersley]
For more great photos and history, see the SLI/NSR web page.
Anyone want to contribute one for here?


The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - May 1947
Photo: Don McDonald

The North Saskatchewan Regiment, formerly the SLI has a long history in Saskatchewan,
most of it directed by two members of one family, Pipe Major Hugh Fraser,
and his younger brother Don McDonald.

The Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry were formed in 1942 by Pipe Major Duncan Campbell at the request of the late Lt. Col. A. McNeil, Commanding Officer of the Second S.L.I. The Second S.L.I. were disbanded on the return of the First Battalion from overseas service in 1945 but the Pipes and Drums were adopted as the Band of the unit.

Although the Pipes and Drums were retained by the Saskatoon Light INfantry, they were not officially part of the unit. The pipers and drummers were machine gunners, or carrier drivers who performed their band parades in addition to their regimental duties. It was not until 1955 that the Pipes and Drums became an officially authorized part of the unit establishment. [From the SLI web site]

 HLI 1951

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - October 1951
Photo: Don McDonald

sasakatoon games1960

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - 1960

Competing at the Saskatoon Highland Games.
Photo: NSR web site

hugh games

The Saskatoon Light Infantry Pipe Band - 1960

Pipe-Major Hugh Fraser, M.M.M., CD gives words of wisdom to Bill Remenda. Bill's Mom Jean Remenda was well known as a Highland dancer, dance teacher and adjudicator, and for many years worked at Tartantown in Coquitlam, BC. 
Photo: NSR web site


The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1974

The NSR and the 10th Field Regiment bands travelled to Berne, Switzerland to perform at the Air Canada Silver Broom, The World Curling Championships.
Photo: NSR web site

colours 1975

The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1975

Presentation of new colours.
Photo: NSR web site


The North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipe Band - 1978

Photo: NSR web site

 hugh don

Don McDonald (L) and
Hugh Fraser (R)
Don and Hugh were half brothers, and for half a century made piping and drumming a reality in Saskatoon. Pipe Major Hugh Fraser was a decorated veteran of World War II, and was responsible for many great piping ventures in Saskatoon and area, and always a keen participant in piping workshops, committees and associations. Hugh passed away in Fall 2000. Don continues his good work of many years, and is currently P/M of the North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipes & Drums. Hugh's family have all been keen performers and organizers also, and continue his legacy through teaching and performance.


The North Saskatchewan Regiment
at Saskatoon's Folkfest in 2001
Photo: NSR web site

The North Saskatchewan Regiment had its beginnings during the Northwest Rebellion, 1885. The Saskatoon Light Infantry was active in its mobilization for World War I. Later the Regiment saw action again, during World War II.

During the Cold War: c. 1963 - 1969; the Saskatoon Light Infantry was renamed: 'The North Saskatchewan Regiment' of which there were two battalions.

The 1NSaskR was stationed in North Battleford, the 2NSaskR was head-quartered in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. There was "C" Company 2NSaskR stationed at Kindersley. Today, the Regiment is known as the North Saskatchewan Regiment.

1920.10.01 The North Saskatchewan Regiment
formed with HQ at Saskatoon, Sask., by amalgamation of 52nd Regiment Prince Albert Volunteers, and 105th Regiment (Saskatoon Fusiliers), originally in four bns, and reorganised 10.10.1920 in eight bns (four active and four reserve):
1st Battalion at Saskatoon, formed by redesignation of 105th Regiment (Saskatoon Fusiliers),
and perpetuating 5th Battalion CEF
2nd Battalion at Prince Albert, formed by redesignation of 52nd Regiment Prince Albert
Volunteers, and perpetuating 53rd Battalion CEF
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion
5th Battalion, perpetuating 65th Battalion CEF.
6th Battalion
7th Battalion
8th Battalion.

1924.05.15 broken up to form The Saskatoon Light Infantry [1st and 5th Bns],The Prince Albert Volunteers [2nd and 6th Bns], The Battleford Light Infantry, and The Yorkton Regiment


1955.02.15 The North Saskatchewan Regiment (M.G.)
formed with HQ at Saskatoon by union of The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers and The Saskatoon Light Infantry
1st Bn, NSR (The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers)
formed by redesignation of The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
2nd Bn, NSR (The Saskatoon Light Infantry)
formed by redesignation of The Saskatoon Light Infantry

1958.04.11 The North Saskatchewan Regiment
1970.09.01 1st Bn and 2nd Bn amalgamated

[Information courtesy of NSR web sire]

2ndNSRPipe Band 

The 2nd North Saskatchewan Regiment - about 1962
Kindersley, SK

In the picture, on the left is Pipe Major Stuart Kolbinson, on the right is Eldon Johnson and behind him, Vic Rea.
Read Stuart's history of the band. [PDF]

Photo: Valla Eriksson [daughter of Stuart Kolbinson]

Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums

Anyone want to contribute a history?

 wawashrine 1986

The Pipes & Drums of the Wa Wa Shrine - Los Angeles, 1986
Photo: Duncan Fisher

The Wa Wa Shrine pipe band was formed as one of the units of the local Shrine, and they started with some pipers and drummers who had been part of bands in Regina for a long time. Pipe Major Duncan Fisher had been a member of the 12th Signals and the 10th Field Regiment, and he built the Shrine Pipe Band into the best unit of its kind in North America.

The band has performed at functions throughout Saskatchewan: parades, festivals, and many community events. For many years the band was instrumental in organizing the Regina Highland Games, and they helped build the foundation for the event that continues today. Many of the band members have taught piping and drumming for years, and also helped with the organization of pipe bands and other events.

Back Row [L-R]: Doug Lee, Owen Smail, Bill Kelly, Bob Wilem, Al Stork
Second row [L-R]: Dunc Fisher, Doug Keal, Ray Hukee, Dave Houston, Howard Chamberlain, Doug Keem, Don Felstrom, Bob Watson, George Crawford, Cy Guthro, Bruce Cook, Wes Turner, Jack Jameson.
Third row kneeling [L-R]: Don Flegg, Jim Nicholls,Ken McMillan, Roy McQuarrie, Ray Brown, Jack Gardner.
Front row [L-R]: Harry Mandryk, Gord Shearer, Al Wagner, RonStankov, Geo. Hurn

 wawa park

The Pipes & Drums of the Wa Wa Shrine
Here the band poses in front of the waterfall gardens at Regina's Kiwanis Park.

Photo: Duncan Fisher


Clan Scotia Pipe Band

The Clan Scotia Pipe Band was formed in the fall of 1975 and competed for the first time in April 1976.
The band dtarted in Grade 4 and gradually made it to Grade 2 (which wouldn't win Grade 4 by today's standards).
The band competed games throughout MB and SK. In those days, SK had 5-7 contests: Moose Jaw Ceilidh (April), Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival (May), Saltcoats Highland Games (June), St. Andrew's Highland Games (Wapella, July), and Regina Highland Festival (Sept.) Saskatoon had some events then too, and for about 10 years had an excellent games on Sunday of the May long weekend.


The Clan Scotia Pipe Band

The bass drum logo. Bass drummer is Russ McKnight, and behind is L/D Brenda [Dunbar] Main.


Selkirk Highland Games - 1977

The band's trip were mostly to Highland Games in Manitoba. Here the band poses in frot of the Red River in the Selkirk grounds.

[L-R] Don Ross (dark glasses), Ken Clemence, Iain MacDonald (P/M), Garth Neel [Garth won the Marches at the Northern Meeting in 1977], Beth England, Doug Sinclair, Betty Anne McDougall, Ric Clemence, Bonnie Durnford, Allan Ireland (L/D, back), Dan McDougall, Sandy Smith (P/Sgt).

 Clan Scotia 2

Clan Scotia Pipe Band
[Regina Highland Festival, September 1979]

The Clan Scotia Pipe Band travelled to the Denver Highland Games in 1981,
where they competed in the Grade 2 competition, and some band members played solos.

[L-R]: Brenda Dunbar, Allan Ireland [beard], Louise Durnford, Dan McDougall, Iain MacDonald, Don Ross [behind],
Bonnie Durnford, Rob McDougall, Ken Clemence, Russ McKnight. Kneeling in front: Dou and Betty Anne Sinclair.

Photo: Iain MacDonald


Clan Scotia Pipe Band Burns Night - January 1980

The Clan Scotia Pipe Band organized a number of Burns Nights in Regina, with an attendance of about 200 people.
This one was held in Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall.
Band members visible are [L-R]: Iain MacDonald, Kathy Felstrom, Louise Durnford, Ken Clemence, Betty Anne Sinclair (P/Sgt).
2nd Row: Barbara McDougall (not visible), Sheldon McLeod, Rob McDougall, Eileen Dunbar.

 Clan Scotia lg

Clan Scotia Pipe Band
[Denver, CO, 1981]

The Clan Scotia Pipe Band travelled to the Denver Highland Games in 1981,
where they competed in the Grade 2 competition, and some band members played solos.

Back row [L-R]: Doug Sinclair, Ian MacIntosh, Dan McDougall (L/D), Rob McDougall, Sheldon McLeod, Ken Clemence, Russ McKnight.
Kneeling [L-R]: Arlene Clemence, Brenda Dunbar, Eileen Dundar, Barbara McDougall, Terry McNamee, Betty Anne Sinclair (P/M), Kathy Felstrom.


Clan Scotia Pipe Band
[Saskatchewan Pipe Band Championships - September, 1982]

The band competed throughout the 1982 season in Grade 2. Front row pipers in this photo are Iain MacDonald, Mary Ann Houston, Sheldon McLeod, Ken Clemence and Betty Anne Sinclair.


Clan Scotia Pipe Band
[Clan Scotia Indoor Contest - 1983]

The band organized a couple of indoor contests. The first one was trios only, and this contest was an indoor event with trios and mini bands. This ebvent featured Ed Neigh [Ontario] and Blair Brown [MB] as adjudicators, and following the contest, there was a recital and ceilidh.

The mini band that day was [L-R around cricle]: L/D Dan McDougall, Arlene Clemence, Terry McNamee (bass), Barbara McDougall, Gale Russell, Doug Lammer, Iain MacDonald.


Clan Scotia Pipe Band
[Radville parade - 1983]

This is a photo of the band's last performance. The band played in the Radville 75th anniversary parade, and had a social weekend out in the country.

Things never really got together after that, and the band ceased operations shortly after. Band equipoment was later donated to The Regina Scottish Pipe Band, a group organized by John and Margaret Wilson.


Fraser Pipe Band (Regina)

The Regina Boys' Pipe Band
The Regina Boys' & Girls' Pipe Band
The Fraser Pipe Band
A Short History of the Fraser Pipe Band [PDF]

The Regina Boys' Pipe Band - 1930
This photo was taken of the original boys' band in about 1930-2. It was given to P-M John Wilson by a Mrs. Sutherland in 1976 when he came to Regina with his wife Margaret (Ireland) Wilson to teach the Fraser Pipe Band.
FPB trip to us 
 Regina Boys' Kiltie Band

This old Leader-Post newspaper clipping was sent in by Ward Faulkner, a long-time student of PM Neil Sutherland. 
This describes a trip to the US by the Regina band to help promote the Regina Grain Show.

The Regina Boys Pipe Band in the 1930s.
This photo would start a tradition in the band of having offical photos
taken on the steps of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.
fraser first kilts 

Regina Boys' Pipe Band
This photo of an old Leader-Post newspaper clipping was sent in by Bill Pritchard, former pipe major of Edmonton & District [then Big Rock] Grade 3 band. Bill was the first P-M of the Regina Boys' Pipe Band, later known as the Fraser Pipe Band. The band had this picture taken the first time they appeared in uniform. Many pictured are not piping [that we know of]. Doug Lutz played in the Maritimes, Bill Pritchard is in Nova Scotia, and Joanne Urquhart (now Bandur) was P-M of the Regina Police Service Pipe Band, and has since had a daughter play in and then teach the Fraser Pipe Band and the 96th Highlanders.


The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band
at the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival, 1968.
Back row (L-R): Doug Lutz, Rod Sim, Jeff Sim, Brian Wood, Larry Garth, Bill Pritchard (P/M).
Middle row (L-R): Janice Pritchard, Iain MacDonald, Dale McDermott, John Donnelly, Joanne Urquhart.
Front row (L-R): Dave Deck, Bruce Lutz (L/D), Hugh Eberhardt, Trevor Ewan, Tom Jones, Brian Alquhist, Allan Ireland.

The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band 
The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band 

The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band 

Travellers' Day Parade in Regina. This was one of the few occasions when instructor Andy McAnsh played with the band to boost numbers.

The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band 
Tuning for Travellers' Day Parade. L-R: Andy McAnsh, Iain MAcDonald, Joianne Urquhart. Bill Pritchard and Dave Dech can be seen across the circle.
The Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band 

Selkirk Highland Games, July 1969
The band took a trip to the Selkirk Highland Games in the vinatge bus, pictured. L-R: Larry Garth, Brian Woods, Trevor Ewan, Jeff Sim?, Larry Dunn (in back), Joanne Urquhart, Janis Pritchard, Iain MacDonald, Dave Dech.

clipping July69 

Leader-Post article, July 1969
The band took a trip to the Selkirk Highland Games. Travelling in an un-airconditioned bus, the band
stopped for lunch at Virden, MB on the way. Temperatures reached 100°F on the way, and when the
band reached Selkirk, we slept in the hockey rink [boys] and a local church hall [girls].

Leader-Post article 1970
Back row, L-R: P/M Bill Pritchard, Larry Garth, Trevor Ewan (bass), Rod Sim, P/Sgt. Doug Lutz, Iain MacDonald
Front row: D/Cpl. Brian Alquhist, Dave Dech, Janice Pritchard, Joanne Urquhart, D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Alan Ireland
 fpb postcard

The Fraser Pipe Band
Saskatchewan Legislature, 1970
Back row, L-R: P/M Doug Lutz, Ric Clemence, Iain MacDonald, P/Sgt. Rod Sim
2nd row: Louise Durnford, Laurie Dunn, Trevor Ewan (bass), Joanne Urquhart, Bonnie Durnford
3rd row: Pat Rappel, Dave Dech, Trevor Ewan (bass), D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Larry Dunn
Front row: Kay Tweedle, Doug Nixon, Dale Mcdermott, Allan Ireland


Moose Jaw Band Festival, 1970
Doug Lutz [L], Dale McDermitt [back], Iain MacDonald [front] and Rod Sim.

 FPB parentsnight1971

Fraser Pipe Band parents' night
First Presbyterian Church
Front row, L-R: Betty Anne McDougall, Carmel Anderson, Instructor Andy McAnsh
Bass drummer is Ric Clemence, right in front is Brenda Brough, Tenor drummer Diane Gemmel.


The Fraser Pipe Band
This photo was taken at the Saskatchewan Legislature.
Front L-R: Kay Tweedle, Doug Nixon, Mrs, Georgina Fraser [Band Patron], Dale Mcdermit, Alan Ireland
Middle Row L-R: Mr. Cline [Executive], Pat Rappel, Dave Dech, Trevor Ewan, D/Sgt. Bruce Lutz, Larry Dunn
3rd Row L-R: Cliff Durnford [Exec.], Louise Durnford, Lorie Dunn, Joanne Urquhart, Bonnie Durnford
4th Row: Fred and Enid Sim, P/M Doug Lutz, Ric Clemence, Iain MacDonald, Rod Sim, Gerry Dunn
Back row [parents]: Fred & Betty Urquhart, Betty Ann Lutz, Helen MacDonald, Betty King, Melita Clemence
[Thanks to Joanne (Urquhart) Bandur for filling in the blanks!]

1971 postcard side1
1971 postcard side2
The Fraser Pipe Band
This photo was taken at the Saskatchewan Legislature.

 playing at leg 73


The Fraser Pipe Band
This photo was taken at the Saskatchewan Legislature.
Front L-R: Rod Sim [bass drone], Doug Nixon, Joanne Urquhart, Iain MacDonald.
Graham Neill is the wee blonde guy in the 2nd row.

 fraser article1

fraser article2

Article from March 1972 Piping Times

This article was written by band member Iain MacDonald, and was published in the Piping Times in 1972.
[Image courtesy: The Piping Times]


Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival

Back Row: Alan Stobbs, Ken Clemence, Brenda Brough, Mary Ann Houston, Cathy Clemence, Joanne Urquhart, P/Sgt. Doug Nixon
Middle Row: P/M Iain MacDonald, Betty Anne McDougall, Rod MacDonald, Bruce Black, Sandy Smith, Dianne Gemmel
Front row:Sharon Stobbs, Beth England, Arlene Clemence, Ric Clemence, D/Sgt Bruce Lutz, Fergus MacMillan, Jamie Aitken

Tuning Drones.
Joanne Urquhart and Iain MacDonald
Slow Air event at Mid-Canada Championship
Winnipeg, MB. 1974
Slow Air event at Mid-Canada Championship
Winnipeg, MB. 1974
On the line at Selkirk
Waiting to play at Selkirk Games, 1975. L-R: (Front Row) Iain MacDonald, Joanne Urquhart, Doug Nixon, (2nd row) Betty Anne McDougall, Ken Clemence, Sandy Smith, (3rd row) Ros MacDonald, Mary Ann Houston. Snare drummer Jamie Aitken at back right. Bass drummer Ric Clemence. Others not seen are tenor drummers Beth England, Sharon Stobbs and Diane Gemmel, L-D Bruce Lutz, drummer Rob Houston.
Tuning by the river at Selkirk
Waiting to play at Selkirk Games, 1975. L-R: Diane Gemmel, Sharon Stobbs, Beth England (drummers, with backs to camera), Iain MacDonald, Ken Clemence, Sany Smith (hidden), Mary Ann Houston (back to camera), Brenda Brough. 
FPB Tenor Drummers
Waiting to play at Selkirk Games, 1975. L-R: Beth England, Sharon Stobbs, Diane Gemmel
 fraser ottawa 75

Canadian Pipe Band Champioships

Back Row: P/Sgt. Doug Nixon, Jamie Aitken, Betty Anne McDougall,Mary Ann Houston, Rob Stobbs
Front row: P/M Iain MacDonald, Sandy Smith, Sharon Stobbs, Dianne Gemmel, Graham Neill,
Rob Houston, Barbara McDougall, D/Sgt Bruce Lutz

The PPBA held a championship in the spring to choose a Saskatchewan representative, and
the Fraser Pipe Band won. The band travelled to Ottawa, where it placed 3rd in the Canadian and 5th on the Open Grade 3 Championship against the best bands from every province in Canada.
The band also performed in a large tattoo.

clipping June75
 Leader-Post clipping about the Ottawa trip. July 1975.

Selkirk Highland Games

L-R: Iain MacDonald, Bruce Black, Bruce Lutz, Rob Stobbs, Jamie Aitken, Mary Ann Houston, Jim Watt, Doug Nixon
Front: Diane Gemmel, Sharon Stobbs, Barbara McDougall, Ric Clemence [kneeling],
Rob Houston, Tim Coffey, Graham Neill

 clipping July75
Leader-Post clipping. July 1975.
iainmacd presentation
Silver Chanter Presentation
November, 1975
The Fraser Pipe Band at one time presented outgoing pipe-majors with a presentation practice chanter. Mrs. Georgina Fraser (L) presents a  chanter to Iain MacDonald. Looking on at right is Band President, Frederick England.
clippping photo June76sm

LeaderPost story about Mrs. Fraser- June 1976
Mrs. Georgina Fraser came to Canada from Scotland to farm, and she instrumental
in reforming the band in the 1960s. By this time, she was retired in Regina, and
for many years she played an active role, including as band patron.
She purchased 15 sets of R.G. Hardie silver and ivory bagpipes for the band, and
new drums and other equipment.

 clipping June76
Leader-Post story, June, 1976.
Mrs. Fraser signing a photo of the band.
clipping Dec1978

Scotland Fundraising - December 1978
Barbara McDougall and Tim Coffey pipe during part of Fraser's 24-hour pipe-a-thon
to raise money for the 1979 Scotland trip. The band played for 24-hours in shifts
at Darke Hall in Regina.

 clipping Mar79

From the Yorkton paper - 1979
Barbara McDougall pipes for Provincial Curling Championship.

 Barb cathy 79

From the Yorkton paper - 1979
Barbara McDougall and Cathy Felstrom pipe for Provincial Curling Championship.


Fraser Pipe Band at Regina City Hall - 1979
This was the year that the band travelled to Scotland. P/M was Barbara McDougall,
P/Sgt Cathy Clemence and D/Sgt Jamie Aitken.

Fraser Pipe Band at Carluke Highland Games - 1979

Fraser Pipe Band at Carluke Highland Games - 1979

A report on the Carluke Highland Games i the local paper.

Fraser Pipe Band at Carluke Highland Games - 1979

A report on the Carluke Highland Games in the Leader-Post.

 Fraser Pipe Band in Scotland - 1979

Members of the band meet with the Provost and his wife at Dumfries.The Provost has a go at Barb McDougall's pipes.

Leader-Post Article.
Mrs. Georgina Fraser, the band's patron, dies. Mrs. Fraser and her late husband Alex came from Scotland, worked on farms, and eventually owned their own, north of the city. When the city expansion took over their land, they made a significant amount of money, and still lived modestly in a north-Regina home. Mrs. Fraser made significant contributions to the band over the years, helping with equipment and travel, including in 1968 12 sets of silver and ivory R.G. Hardie pipes, and 6 Premier "Super Royal Scot" chrome snare drums.
Fraser Pipe Band at Saskatchewan Championships (1981)
The Sask Championships were held in Yorkton for the first time, and run by the Yorkton and District Pipe Band and long-time SPBA Treasurer Eva Gillard and husband Dave Gillard.

Fraser Pipe Band at Saskatchewan Legislature (1983)
Band Director Iain MacCrimmon back row left.

The Bonnie Bluebells Pipe Band

Anyone want to contribute a history? 


The Bonnie Bluebells

For many years, there was a girls' pipe band in Saskatoon. Old postcards exist of the "Saskatoon Girls Pipe Band" from before WWII, and in the 1960s the "Bonnie Bluebells" band was formed, and they were active until the 1980s. Many current members of the NSR and Saskatoon Police bands were once members of the Bluebells.

Photo: Chris Rae


The Bonnie Bluebells

Back: Elaine Pepper, Donna Fraser, Myrna Murray, Wendy McDermid, Kendra Petty, Trudy Barrett, Georgina Petty

Centre: Sonia Ford, Pam Rouse, Heather McIntosh, Brenda Clark, Isabel Clubb, Margaret McIntosh, Lynda Lyon, Sharon Ludlow

Front: Bev Will, Brenda Murray, Heather Gray, Terry Martens, Kathy Meyers, Linda West, Laverne Dunn, Rose Martens

The photo was taken in the spring of 1967 at the Legion in downtown Saskatoon.
Photo: Chris Rae; names provided by Sharon Ludlow.


1965 Star-Phoenix Article - Part 1

clipping: courtesy Donna & Gordon Findlater


1965 Star-Phoenix Article - Part 2

clipping: courtesy Donna & Gordon Findlater


The Bonnie Bluebells

Here the Bluebells are playing for the opening of Gardiner Dam, one of the province's big Centennial projects in 1967. All Saskatchewan school children were issued with a commemorative coin, so it was a big deal in those days.

Photo: Chris Rae

 Bluebells MJ


At the Moose Jaw International Band Festival- MAY 1968
BACK AND MIDDLE ROW (left to right):

Gena Petty, __________, Glenys Stambuck, _________, Judy Mitchell (hatand nose visible), Kendra Petty, ___________, ____________, Isabel Clubb,

Lynda Lyon (a total of 10 pipers).

__________, Bev Will, _________Frances Meyers, ___________,__________, ____________ (a total of 7 drummers).

Photo courtesy of: Isabel [Clubb] Ward

 Bluebells MJ2

Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band Festival

Left to right: Lynda Lyon, Glenys Stambuck, Isabel Clubb, Judy Mitchell,Gena Petty (5 pipers).

These are professional photos taken by Firestone Photographs in Columbus,Ohio (stamped on back of both photos)

Photo courtesy of: Isabel [Clubb] Ward

 bluebells76 77

Back Row (L-R): Dawn Rutherford, Valerie Gray, Joanne Bocking, Susan
Thacker, Sandy Thacker
Middle Row (L-R): Maureen O'Neill, Jill Hodgkinson, Lorraine Jungwirth,
Brenda Williams
Fron Row (L-R): Eleanor Gray, Sandra Castle, Patricia Thacker, Terri Poole

[Photo: Terri Olver]


Bluebells in 1980
Back Row (L-R): Terri Poole, Carrie Murdoff, Lisa Haatvedt, Jill Binder,
Gale Russell, Carla Spratt, Susan Mowat, Sandy Castle
Front Row (L-R): Cori Spratt, Sandy Thacker, Sheila Slater, Joanne
Jungwirth, Glenda Hiebert, Margot de la Gorgendiere, Sandra Jungwirth,
Maureen O'Neill, Lorraine Jungwirth

[Photo: Terri Olver]

 contest friends

In this picture, L-R, Eleanor Gray (not in uniform), Terri Poole (Bonnie
Bluebells), Linda Lee (Sprigs O'Heather). This was taken for the MJ Times Herald in
1974 at the Moose Jaw (indoor) competition that was held in early spring.

[Photo: Terri Olver]

St. Andrews Boys' Pipe Band/White Hackle, Moose Jaw

 MJ 1952

Moose Jaw Orange Picnic
Wild Animal Park, 1952
File at left, front to back: Dick Gibson, Bob Doul, Andy McAnsh, Everet Andrews, Ron Nicolson; || 2nd file: Reid Andrews, Jim McWilliams || Middle: D/M Bill Rohead, Bass drummer Wayne Greentree || 3rd file: Bill Spence, Bob Amiss, ? || Right: Reg. Frizzelle, Ken Cairney, George Crawford, Lyle Andrews

Comment from Dick Gibson: This pic was of the Moose Jaw St. Andrews Society Boy's Pipe Band performing at the Orangemen's picnic On July 12th. at the Moose Jaw Wild Animal Park. Acting Pipe Major was Dick Gibson. It included two pipers from the Regina Pipe Band.

MJ band 1953 

Moose Jaw Pipe Band
City Hall Gardens, 1953


The St. Andrew's Boys Band
Probably the late1950s.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson

 queen in MJ

HM Princess Elizabeth visits Moose Jaw in the 1950s
The St. Andrew's Boys Pipe Band is out to greet the young queen in Moose Jaw,
and piper Jim McWilliams begins his band career with a Royal performance!
Photo: courtesy Jim McWilliams

mj burns night 

Burns Night
The St. Andrew's Boys Pipe Band serves up haggis to the brave, 1952.
The pipers are Dick Gibson and Reg. Frizzell, with swordbearers Roland Binner and Garth Woodrow.
Ian McSporran carries the haggis.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson

moosejaw show
An early show in Moose Jaw, featuring Dick Gibson on pipes.
 hackle 70s

The White Hackle
At this time, the band was partly sponsored by the Moose Jaw Optimist Club.
Photo: courtesy Jim McWilliams

 hackle sprigs 1983
Two Moose Jaw Pipe Bands - 1983
Jim McWilliams and Lachlan McWilliams of the White Hackle; Wendy and Sharon Lee of the Sprigs o' Heather Girls' Pipe Band.
Photo: courtesy Jim McWilliams
hackle aust

The White Hackle
The band travelled widely in the 1980s, attending the Expo in Sydney, Australia and the one in Vancouver. They also travelled to Scotland, and to various locations in the USA. The small drummer at right is Ryan Sullivan (former L/D of City of Regina, Rocky Mountain and member of Alberta Caledonia and 78th Halifax Citadel) and the tall drummer beside him is ex-L/D for Alberta Caledonia, Tim Boan.

 hackle corps 96

The White Hackle Pipe Band Drum Corps
Saskatchewan Grade 3 Champions, 1996
(L-R) Kenna Whelan, Sunil Pandila, Mark Benson, Dan McDougall (L/D), Andy Kopciuck, Arvid Nash, Joyce Nash.

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