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Howard Chamberlain

Howard 1Howard Chamberlain started drumming in 1937 with the Brandon Boys Pipe Band. He eventually became the Lead drummer of the band and for all of the other of which he was a member.

Drumming had Howard play in most provinces of Canada and many US States, and as far away as Germany and Switzerland.

He taught drumming with the Fraser Pipe Band, the Summer School in Fort San, and numerous Shrine Pipe Band retreats.

In the 1960's Howard along with Angus Spence were chosen from the 10th Field Artillery Regiment Pipe Band to travel to Ottawa to help standardize the Piping and Drumming for Military Bands. Many of those drum beatings are still in use today.

Howard was a machinist by trade, in both Brandon and in Regina. In 1954 he married Margaret and they have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

As well as being involved in Six Pipe Bands Howard was a strong proponent of the Scottish Community. He is a member of the Sons of Scotland, Regina Scottish Dancers, volunteered at Mosaic, and judged at the Highland Games.

Other than the Wa Wa Shrine and the Masonic Lodge Howard also played the trumpet in the Lions Adult band, and he played the drum for a German Band and was a drummer with the "Riderette drum Corps".

After retiring from the Machine Shop, Howard and Marg spent 15 winters in Yuma.

Lead Drummer in the following Pipe Bands:
Brandon Boys Pipe Band
26th Field Pipe Band
10th Field Pipe Band
WaWa Shrine Pipe & Drums
Regina Police Pipe Band
Sons of Scotland Pipe Band.

Contributed by Douglas Campbell


 Bismark ND 1939 v2 howard far left

 At a parade in Bismark, ND in 1939 with Brandon Boys' Pipe Band.

Howard on left. [full size]

Brandon Boys Band 3 
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band 
Brandon Boys Band 2 
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band
[see full size
 Brandon Boys Band 4
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band
[see full size
Brandon Boys Band 5
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band
[see full size
Howard Far Left
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band
[see full size
Howard Far Right 1939
Brandon Boys' Pipe Band, 1939.
Howard Chamberlain on right.
26th Field Pipe Band Brandon
Marching with 26th Field Regiment, RCA.
[view large size]
Drum Sergeant Brandon 
Howard as Drum- Sergeant of the Brandon Pipe Band. 
 10th field 1
The 10th Field Regiment, RCA (Regina) in Wascan Park for the photo shoot to go with "Pipes & Powder" LP they recorded in 1976. [large]
10th Field Drummers 
 10th Field Drummers.
Drumming with the Regina Police Service Pipes & Drums in 1995.

Duncan Fisher, 1927-2017

Duncan FisherDuncan Fisher was well-known in Saskatchewan both for his sports and piping excellence, and he died September 22, 2017, a few weeks past his 90th birthday.

Fisher was born in Regina and grew up in local pipe bands, playing with the Regina Signals, the 10th Field Regiment and latterly the WaWa Shrine Pipes & Drums. Fisher was a keen piper, and acted as tutor, mentor and organizer. He taught young pipers at the Fraser Pipe Band, and many adults as part of the 10th Field and Shrine bands.

He was the pipe major of the Shrine pipe band in Regina for 20 years, and he built the Shrine Pipe Band into the best unit of its kind in North America, winning the Imperial Championship [the North American championship for Shrine pipe bands] on two occasions, and winning the Midwest Championships [Canada and USA] 17 times, including one string of eight years in a row.

During his years with the Shrine, Fisher helped organize the Regina Highland Games, and used his influence in the community to build the event over several of years.

Fisher played a key role bringing together the University of Regina and the City of Regina Pipe Band to create The Conservatory of Performing Arts Pipe Band, which brought City of Regina’s junior pipe band into the Conservatory program.

Although he was not actively playing pipes in the last couple of years, he enjoyed tunes on the chanter until quite recently, and was often in attendance at piping events in the city.

Well-known also for his sports career, Fisher was inducted to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 as a hockey player, having been a player for the New York Rangers, the Boston Bruins, The Detroit Red Wings and the Hershey Bears. He remains the all-time leading scorer for the Hershey Bears, and was inducted into the Hershey Bears Hall of Fame in 2014. He held the AHL record for most game-winning goals in a season for 50 years until 2004.


 Duncan Fisher hockeycard
Dunc Fishers's hockey card. 
 dunc fisher 1
 Dunc at his parent's house in Regina. Uniform of the 12th Signals P&D.
dunc fisher 2 
12th Signals P&D on parade in Regina. 
 dunc fisher 3
P-Sgt. of the 10th Field Regiment, RCA. 
dunc fisher 4
Duncan [right] with his parents in front of their Regina home.
[large view]
dunc fisher 13
On parade in Regina with the 12th Signals. 1952
[large view]
dunc fisher 12
A gig in the park. 1952
dunc fisher 8
P-Sgt. 10th Field Regiment.
dunc fisher 6
P-M of Wa Wa Shrine Pipes & Drums.
dunc fisher 7
Likely the Travellers' Day Parade in Regina during Exhibition week.
dunc fisher 10
Dunc always gave freely of his talents in the community.
dunc fisher 9
Attending Piping Hot Summer Drummer piping school at Silver Star Mountain BC with his grandchildren.
dunc fisher 11
Dunc loved a tune on the pipes.

George Crawford


On August 9, 2016, at the age of 88 years, George died peacefully at Cottonwoods Care Home, in Kelowna, BC. He is survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Eileen; sons Ian and Dale; and 5 grandchildren.

George was born and raised in Regina, SK, where he married and raised a family. George had a long and distinguished career at the Regina Leader-Post, before settling in Kelowna, for a well-deserved retirement.

George was a member of many business and community groups: the Masonic Lodge, Shriners, sons of Scotland, the Better Business Bureau, and more, but he will best be remembered for his love and passion, the bagpipes. George was a pipe-major, band member, teacher, and mentor to others in the art of piping. For many years George was pipe-major of the Regina 10th Field Regiment Pipe Band. The band had successful tours of the USA and Europe, and even had a record made. He later helped found the Regina Police Pipe Band, as well as being a member of the Shrine Band. He was also a member of the Kelowna Pipe Band. Any opportunity would have him bringing out the pipes, for everyone to hear.


George loved pipes, piping and bands, and was involved his whole life in pipe bands in Regina, and later Kelowna. He taught at the Regina Boys' Pipe Band (later Fraser Pipe Band) in Regina, taught many new pipers at the Regina Police Servioce Pipe Band in the early days, and he was responsible for organizing many civic functions with pipe bands and massed bands. More to come.

Thomas Ireland, 1928-2016

Tom Ireland of Sedley, SK died recently, aged 88. Tom was for many years a chanter instructor at the Regina Boys and Girls Pipe Band, later the Fraser Pipe Band, and he was responsible for teaching many excellent pipers over the years.

Tom was born in Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland and immigrated to Canada as a young man in 1950. He worked in various fields including as a farm labourer, RCMP officer, highway traffic officer, as well as at the Saskatchewan Safety Council and SGI. 

Memorial Service will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 22, 2016 at First Presbyterian Church, 2170 Albert St., Regina, SK.

Hugh Scott

fort san 67Although not a musician, Hugh was an organizer par excellence. He was the main organizer and founder of Moose Jaw's Sprigs o' Heather. In the mid 1960s I became obsessed with establishing a piping and drumming school for kids on the prairies after attending the Invermark piping school in New York State and serving as C.O. and chief instructor at the Canadian Army school at Currie Barracks in Calgary. Although I lived in Calgary at that time, Hugh was the first person I discussed this with, and he set to work organizing the first Piping and Drumming School ever held on the prairies, in Moose Jaw at Riverview Collegiate (in 1964? or 65?). Hugh also arranged a meeting with Premier Thatcher where we and Frank Connell of the Moose Jaw Lion's Junior Band convinced him to allow us to establish a Summer School For The Arts at Fort San. Primarily due to the work of Frank and Hugh, next year the summer school was set up to provide instruction in a wide variety of arts—including piping and drumming. Hugh served as the Administrator of Piping and Drumming for the first few years.


Submitted by Jim McWilliams

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