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Register NOW for Sound Advice 2018

Spring is on the way, and we have a really exciting instructor list for Sound Advice 2018!

Callum Beaumont  • Steven McWhirter • Blair T. Brown • Danielle Millar • Eilidh MacDonald • Ruaridh MacDonald

REGISTER NOW to assure your place, and also have a look at the growing list of scholarships on offer.

Upcoming Events


• June 1-2 - MOSAIC Festival (Regina) Scottish Pavilion

• July 1-6 - SOUND ADVICE summer school featuring Callum Beaumont, Steven McWhirter, Danielle Millar, Blair T. Brown, Eilidh MacDonald, Ruaridh MacDonald and more!

SPBA Members: if you have an event that you'd like to see here, SEND EMAIL.

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