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Beginner Program


Due to the disruption to teaching casued by Covid-19, we were unable to start many students on chanter/pads the last couple of years, and we are making this program very inexpensive to encourage as many registrations as possible! We want new students to continue the legacy of pipes and drums in Saskatchewan!

Each year at Sound Advice we offer a program for children who would like to try pipes and/or drums. 

It runs in the morning only, Monday to Friday, and gives children ages 8-12 (recommended age) the opportunity to learn what piping and drumming are all about, take lessons, hear others play, and meet the students at the camp who currently play. We provide (loaned) equipment, and all they need is interest!

Past students have gone on to join local bands and a number are now active members of a pipe band!

Registration is limited. To register for the program, please use the registration page and select "Beginner Program."