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Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association
The SPBA is the umbrella organization for pipers, drummers, and pipe bands in the Province of Saskatchewan. The Association is an outgrowth of the Prairie Pipe Band Association, and was formed in 1992. The objectives of the Association are:

1. To preserve, promote, and encourage proficiency in piping, drumming, and pipe bands.

2. To create and maintain a bond of fellowship with all pipers and drummers and to provide the
advantages of affiliation with other pipe band associations.

3. To assist organizations wishing to form or maintain pipe bands, and to help incoming players in locating bands, and bands in locating players.

4. To encourage and promote participation of pipers, drummers, and pipe bands at Highland Games and Scottish Cultural events.

5. To sponsor competitions for piping, drumming, and pipe bands.

6. To devise and operate a proper system of pipe band contest rules, and to establish a panel of judges

7. To operate a piping and drumming Summer School in the Province of Saskatchewan

In addition to these formal objectives, the Association also offers financial support to member pipe bands, and makes funds available for individual bands to operate clinics and workshops.
Individual or band membership in the Association are available. Band membership is totally voluntary, and bands do not have to be members to participate in Association sponsored or sanctioned events.

See the SPBA Online Archive
for more information about the history
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