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The Melfort Pipe Band

The Melfort and District Museum kindly provided a copy of a history of the Melfort Pipe Band. We scanned a good portion of it and it tells about the band formation, early members, and lots of the details about the band oveer the years, including its life later on as "The Carrot River Valley Pipe Band".

The Melfort Pipe Band [pdf]

Melfort Scottish Pipe Back Row L R Clare Pyett Jim Badgley Jack Carbert Charlie Keddy Alex richardson Don Gibson. First Row Mike Babington Jimmy Richardson Hughie Nickle Bill Stewart G. K. Stewarts son

Melfort Scottish Pipe Band (1935)




Melfort Pipe Band Tommy Grieg, Jack Bell, Ken Gemmell, Jim Richardson, Doug McDonald, Archie Galloway, Dave Bain, Alma Galloway, Archie McGonigal, Reg Morrison, Jim McPhee.


L-R: Tommy-Grieg,-Jack-Bell,-Ken-Gemmell,-Jim-Richardson,-Doug-McDonald,-Archie-Galloway,-Dave-Bain,-Alma-Galloway,-Archie-McGonigal,-Reg-Morrison,-Jim-McPhee.


Melfort Pipe Band

Melfort Pipe Band on parade.


Neil Sutherland

Neil Sutherland, founder of the band and Melfort Police Chief.