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St. Andrews Boys' Pipe Band, Moose Jaw -1950s & '60s

first clipping
First clipping about thr band from the Moose Jaw Times-Herald.
 MJ 1952

Moose Jaw Orange Picnic
Wild Animal Park, 1952
File at left, front to back: Dick Gibson, Bob Doul, Andy McAnsh, Everet Andrews, Ron Nicolson; || 2nd file: Reid Andrews, Jim McWilliams || Middle: D/M Bill Rohead, Bass drummer Wayne Greentree || 3rd file: Bill Spence, Bob Amiss, ? || Right: Reg. Frizzelle, Ken Cairney, George Crawford, Lyle Andrews

Comment from Dick Gibson: This pic was of the Moose Jaw St. Andrews Society Boy's Pipe Band performing at the Orangemen's picnic On July 12th. at the Moose Jaw Wild Animal Park. Acting Pipe Major was Dick Gibson. It included two pipers from the Regina Pipe Band.

standrews postcard1950s
A postcard of the band from the 1950s.
parade 1950s
A parade in Moose Jaw, 1950s.
parade 1950s 2
Moose Jaw parade, 1950s.
MJ band 1953 

Moose Jaw Pipe Band
City Hall Gardens, 1953


The St. Andrew's Boys Band
Probably the late1950s.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson

 queen in MJ

HM Princess Elizabeth visits Moose Jaw in the 1950s
The photo was taken late in 1951, November, I believe. Princess Elizabeth was on her train journey across Canada with Prince Philip, and stopped in Moose Jaw because it was the main junction between Winnipeg and Calgary.
          She came off the train and through the large CPR station at the foot of Main Street about 7 or 8 pm as the snow began to fall. Once outside she was welcomed by a huge crowd and the local St. Andrew’s Society Boys Pipe Band which had formed up as the corridor for her entrance. The band played “Queen Elizabeth’s March” for her entry.
            This performance was my first one with the band. I was twelve years old and had been learning the pipes for almost a year. The photo was taken by the Times Herald photographer during Elizabeth’s exit beside the local Mayor, “Scoop” Lewery, as the band played “Will Ye No Come Back Again?”, a tune we had learned specially for the occasion.    
          The photo appeared in the local paper the next evening and became part of the display across Canada, appearing in The Star Weekly almost a week later.
Photo & caption: courtesy Jim McWilliams

mj burns night 

Burns Night
The St. Andrew's Boys Pipe Band serves up haggis to the brave, 1952.
The pipers are Dick Gibson and Reg. Frizzell, with swordbearers Roland Binner and Garth Woodrow.
Ian McSporran carries the haggis.
Photo: courtesy Dick Gibson

moosejaw show
An early show in Moose Jaw, featuring Dick Gibson on pipes.
St Andrews
The pipe band performs for the opening of "Rob Roy" at the Capitol Theatre in Moose Jaw.
St Andrews Rob R0y launch1953

The pipe band performs for the opening of "Rob Roy" at the Capitol Theatre in Moose Jaw, 1953.

Link to movie poster

 01 Reid Andrews   1953
Reid Andrews, 1953.
02 Reid Andrews with Aunt and Mother
Reid Andrews with his aunt and mother.
mj st andrews 1964
Moose Jaw St. Andrews Boys' Pipe Band - 1964.
st andrews booking
Moose Jaw Times-Herald clipping.
St andrews clipping
07 drummers   MOOSE JAW 1965
St. Andrews drumming recruits, 1965.
 st andrews
standrewsboys 1965.3
Rehearsing for Fancy Drill, 1965.
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