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City of Regina Pipe Band

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 crpb first play

City of Regina Pipe Band
Brandon Highland Festival 1993 

This was the band's first competition, and mini-band event at Brandon. L-D Paul Hamilton at left front, with Janet MacLeod, and Don Jeannotte on bass. Pipers were Gale Russell, Trewin Somers, Iain MacDonald and Todd Sinclair.


BC Pipers' Annual Gathering 1996

Final tuning for mini bands. We had a solid performance and finished 2nd, winning "Best Drum Corps" in Grade 2. Pipers (L-R):Sean Somers, Trewin Somers (tuning), Ann Gray, Jared Brin, Iain MacDonald, Barbara MacDonald. Drummers were Ryan Sullivan, Tim Dixon (snares), Karen Adams (tenor) and Brian Fraser (bass).

1997 canmore

Canmore Highland Games 1997

Snare drummers: Dave Roth, L-D Ryan Sullivan, Tim Dixon. Tenor drummer Karen Adams and Bass was Brian Fraser. Pipers were: Barry Robinson, Dave Thorpe, Michelle Carline, Scott Pollen, Iain MacDonald, Sean Hall, Barb MacDonald, Trewin Somers, Jared Brin, Gale Russell and Sean Somers.


Glengarry Highland Games 1998

Well-known judge Bob Worrall on the right.

logo 300 

 Band Logo

This logo was developed for the band by Yvan Gagne, who was also a tenor drummer for the 78th Fraser Highlanders for a number of years. The band used it from about 1999 to 2011.

 crpb ellerslie

City of Regina Pipe Band
Ellerslie Games - 2004 

L-R (back) Barbara MacDonald, Caroline Hart, Catherine Hart, Chris Milne, Sean Hall, Richard Wilson, Dave Thorpe, Alex Rasmussen, Graham Schmidt, Michelle Carline, Gale Russell, Iain MacDonald.
(front) Laura Scott, Brett Stinson, Kate Rennie, Mitch Stilborn, Marnie Wilson, Dave Thorpe.


City of Regina Pipe Band
Glasgow, George Square - 2005 

L-R (back) Mitch Stilborn, , Nils Michael,  Chris Milne,  Helge Johannssen, Michelle Carline, Graham Schmidt, Chris Rae, Bryde Whelan, Alex Rasmussen, Richard Wilson, Dave Roth.
(front) Iain MacDonald, Rob Bailie, Catherine Hart, Gale Russell, Ruaridh MacDonald, Caroline Hart, Morgan Brady, Kenna Whelan, Angela Yanko, Ryan Sullivan, Brett Stinson, Barbara MacDonald


City of Regina Pipe Band
North Berwick Highland Games - 2005 

2nd Place. Grade 2.

crpb Scotland06

City of Regina Pipe Band
World Championships - 2006 

We had a similar band in 2006, adding Aedan Whelan on tenor, Dave Hicks and Scot Young on pipes.


City of Regina Pipe Band
North Berwick Highland Games - 2006 

The drum corps in the tuning park.

crpb msr

Glengarry Highland Games, Maxville, Ontario - 2008 

Following a year away from regular competition in 2007 due to low numbers, the band came back with a very inexperienced group made up of younger players from Grade 4 bands, some adults who had not played in years, and a few veterans. 


Piping Live! Festival, Glasgow - 2010 

Band members pose for official festival photos before our performance in George Square.


Playing "Mull of Kintyre" with Sir Paul McCartney - 2013

In August, 2013, the band played "Mull of Kintyre" at an outdoor concert in Regina's "Mosaic Stadium" in front of 44,000 people. SAB FINAL LOGO CMYK 500 saskculturelogoc SKLotteries logo HOR 500